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What is Home Staging?

Staging is the concept and process of preparing a house for sale keeping in mind that "the way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different things".  The home becomes a product with its benefits highlighted to the best. Staging is more than making minor repairs or freshening a room with paint.

To compete in today's market, the home needs not only to be priced right, it needs to look better than the competition.  It needs to be shown in its best possible condition and with all the architectural features shown to the best advantage.

Using a proven set of guidelines in compliance with current Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP) standards, any home, regardless of price or location, will show better.  It has been proven over the past 18 years, that the home will also sell faster.

Why is Staging important to sellers?

Today's buyer is interested in moving into a home that does not require any "move-in repairs".  Neither do they want to patch or paint the inside or do landscaping on the outside.  Today's buyer is a busy couple, usually a two-income family ready to move up in size or a change of location and need to quickly get on with their lives.  So, the smart buyer looks for the house that is ready in all aspects and a Staged home is just that.

An occupied home, with furniture, toys, garden equipment, etc. may also need to have some additional items added to show off the rooms, such as appropriate accessories, plants, flowers, artwork even.  An empty home will show better with a few colorful touches, perhaps a vignette of chairs, table, lamps in the dominant rooms.  Builders often have a new custom home Staged, allowing the potential buyers to see the expanse of the room or the special features.

Sellers who are required to move from the area, leaving an empty house behind to sell, are assured that a Staged home will show well, allowing the quickest possible sale at the best price.

What is the ultimate goal of Staging?

My goal as an Accredited Staging Professional, is to offer personalized services and creative solutions that are designed to help you sell your home. I will come to your home and devote as much time as necessary to show you how to put your home into top selling condition. Staged homes sell faster than the competition and in most markets, for more money! It would be a pleasure to assist you in transforming your living spaces with affordable staging techniques.

The feeling to convey is allowing the potential buyer to see the house and its features not the current homeowners belongings, the best view of each room, the best traffic pattern through the home, the best curb appeal.  (As any realtor will tell you, many times a potential buyer will not even get out of the car upon looking at the outside of the house. )  Staging includes curb appeal suggestions.

Certified ASP's, like Nancy Taylor, have the best interest of the homeowner in mind and only want to have the home showcase at its best. We strive to work as a team with the seller and the realtor to achieve this goal.

Staging Service Rates

Save your time and energy.  Hire the experts who have your best interest in mind.  

Nancy Taylor, owner and resident Staging professional of A New Look by Taylor will transform your home so it shows at its very best. I'll go through your home top to bottom, inside and out, arranging and editing furniture, accessories and artwork to create a great first impression.  If necessary, extra accessories and lighting are added.

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