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Interior Redesign is the enhancement of a room by artful placement of accessories and furnishings to create balance and harmony. The contents of a room is not the most common problem, it is how the contents are arranged.

If you like what you own, but nothing seems cohesive and pulled together OR you've tried different furniture placements, but nothing works...

If you want your home to be comfortable, yet have a "designer look" without the cost of purchasing new furniture or accessories...
If you have made new purchases and want to improve the look of your room by placing them in appealing ways...

If you have recently moved into a new home and need help arranging your furniture and accessories to fit your new living area…

If you'll be selling your home and you want to have a competitive edge over other homes on the market, making it more appealing to potential buyers...

If you are having a party or other function at your home and want to really "wow" your guests and make good use of space…

If you just want a change and would like a fresh new look...

Using your own furniture, art and accessories, I can help you create a beautiful, inviting and livable home that reflects your personality.

A New Look by Taylor can transform your interiors using what you already have!

There are many "new beginning" situations... the need to move to a smaller home, empty nesters reconfiguring space, newlyweds blending two households, adult children moving elderly parents into assisted living accommodations. I can help in making these life altering transitions a pleasant experience. It's not magic but it is pretty amazing!

When you call A New Look by Taylor, you'll be asked a few questions to determine your needs.....from decorating concerns to your budget and schedule.

I love decorating clients' homes with what they already own and adding
needed items within their budget. I've had a passion for decorating since I can remember. As a child I moved my canopy bed, nightstand and dresser onto a new wall over and over again. I would change the pictures and line up my horse statues in a different order each time. I realize that most people cannot afford to completely redo an entire house using the services of an Interior Decorator. Being a constant rearranger myself, I'm totally confident I can create a new look for your room just by rearranging the furniture and accessories.
Nancy Taylor

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Rockford, IL

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